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Derek Garcia

Leah Nanako Winkler

other work

Nothing Can Stop what is coming

co-written with Olivia Hebert and produced by greenhouse theater project in January 2021

an exploration of friendship, loneliness, and the grip of the algorithm

"You know the feeling when someone just really really gets you. They describe you in a perfectly specific, astute way and you feel all blushy and jittery. They aren’t trying to boost your ego. They see you. Because you are significant. You’re a piece of poetry. You’re an intoxicating novel or an abstract and holy work of art. And here someone is, focusing in and wondering, “who is this person, I want to know their most intimate thoughts and impulses, dreams and fears...” and they spend their life observing and hypothesizing about you. And you feel there must be some portal into your lonely mind after all because someone has entered it and there they are, truly knowing you. And you feel now you are not alone. You are loved.
That’s me. I am fascinated by you.
And I’m not going anywhere."

- one of the characters, AL ;)

the secondbody experiment

Secondbody was an interactive art piece produced by Sightline Arts. Two participants (who knew each other) had an unscripted conversation using two actors as conduits. The result was delightfully unsettling: speaking with someone you knew while looking at someone you didn't. 

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