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voice coaching

Julia is also very nerdy about voice work. Is it that she's asthmatic? IS it that she's chatty? Is it that resonance in the body feels good? We'll never know. But what we do know is that she loves figuring out ways for people to sound, and so feel, their best. 

Gender affirming voice

Julia loves using her background in voice work to help give people gender euphoria! She has studied trans voice alteration with Renée Yoxon, voice and speech with Scott Miller, Shane-Ann Younts and Jane Fujita, and vocal anatomy at St. Cloud University. Through exercises in resonance, pitch, vocal fold mass and inflection, Julia will help guide your voice to a place you love. E-mail for rates and availability.

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public speaking coaching

You've got something to say and Julia will help you say it! Without ums :) Whether you're looking to improve your communication skills for a meeting, presentation or trade show, Julia will guide you through tailored exercises to minimize distractions around how you speak so that your message shines through. E-mail for rates and more information.

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